Digital Marketing Jobs and Career Prospects for 2018

digital marketing jobs prospects
There are plenty of questions, misgivings, and myths surrounding jobs in the digital marketing field. Most of these questions and misgivings arise because digital marketing is still an evolving and unorganized sector. As a leader in training in digital marketing, DMIOA responds to over 60 questions each day from students. And unsurprisingly, the topmost FAQs are:
  1. What is the scope of digital marketing?
  2. Are companies hiring?
  3. What are the job prospects in digital marketing?
  4. What types of job positions are there in digital marketing?
  5. What will be my job profile?
  6. What is the salary structure of a digital marketer?
  7. Do I have to be an engineer or MBA to become a good digital marketer?
  8. How do I excel in this career?
Let’s discuss each of these questions in detail.

The Scope of Digital Marketing

Globally, about 60% of businesses use some form of digital marketing and are projected to spend over $9 billion in 2018 & $11 billion in 2020. This translates to millions of digital marketing jobs required to execute the planned spending.
According to my estimation, in India, at least 18% of the marketing budget of businesses is invested in online marketing. According to a study conducted by, these are the estimates of spending on digital marketing in India and the projected spending converted to dollars at the rate of approximately Rs 64= $1.

Marketing has changed. Advertising no longer has the impact that messaging and engagement does. As a result, businesses are changing their techniques to reach out to prospects. They are visible on social media platforms, creating content and engaging with prospects. The conventional method is now not so effective because businesses have to reach out to prospects where they already are, like on social platforms. So, here steps in the suave digital marketer who understands how the platform works engages with the prospects and takes them on the journey of a prospect to an MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead).
In a survey conducted by Deloitte Digital and The CMO, almost 57% of the marketing budget is allocated to social media and other channels of digital marketing. Another 41% is spent on analytics, which is an integral part of online marketing. Of course, the costs of B2C are higher, but B2B lags only partially behind at 51% of its marketing costs being spent on social media, LinkedIn is the primary channel.

Overall Marketing Budget Breakdown 

Contrary to perception, digital marketing is not limited to businesses. Though of course, every business, be it a startup, an entrepreneur, a large business house, or even Bollywood has a budget for digital marketing. Doctors, lawyers and other professionals use digital marketing to build their online reputation. [Example] A beautician uses digital marketing to get reviews of her service and consequently attract customers. Apps like Urban Clap are an example of this. Political parties use digital marketing and social media platforms to build their follower base. This is visible in our day-to-day lives.
When companies are spending so much on digital marketing, they require professionals to handle their companies and marketing efforts. The scope of digital marketing is immense. Companies are hiring left and right, snapping up trained professionals because there is a scarcity.

Job Prospects in Digital Marketing

A Large Number of Openings

Size of the market for digital marketing is huge. A quick glance at the four leading job sites in India shows over 140,000 jobs listed. See the chart below: What is interesting is that India is considered to be in the nascent stage as far as digital marketing is concerned, yet the demand for specialists is high.

Demand for Digital Marketing Specialists In India

Large numbers of job openings are expected when the size of the market is huge, and these opening will keep on growing because the digital market will keep on growing. Companies are hiring and they require both generalists and specialists. Don’t believe the myth of “Snapdeal is bankrupt, Flipkart is struggling, only Amazon is making a profit so e-commerce is just a bubble that is going to go burst.” The trends for digital marketing are rising and here are the stats to prove it.

Openings Are Expected To Grow For The Foreseeable Future

According to Live Mint, the share of the digital payment transaction in India will increase to 30-40% of total transactions by 2020 from 13% in 2015. The government’s demonetization step and Digital India initiative have given a sudden push to it.
According to a report jointly conducted by ASSOCHAM and Deloitte, the number of active internet users in India it is expected to reach 600 million by 2020. According to a report published by the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and Market Research firm IMRB, there is 60% internet penetration in urban India and 17% in rural India.
This means that about 750 million potential consumers are yet to come on this platform. These stats were confirmed when recently, Boston Consultancy Group in its report has projected that 50% of India’s internet users will be rural. Imagine the size of business reach. The growth prospect is much faster than it is in the urban areas. This means increased scope for digital marketers and maybe in vernacular or regional languages. This translates into a demand for well-trained and highly skilled professional digital marketers.

Job Profiles and Positions of Digital Marketers

Let’s now discuss the positions and job profiles available in digital marketing. Digital marketing works on 2 levels. One is the generalist and the other is the the specialist level. On the generalist level, there are two positions, one as a beginner where you have to handle the complete digital marketing of the business. The other, where you are the head of marketing and you use your overall knowledge to guide your team to deliver results.
On the specialist level, you may be working for an agency or a corporate house. Some corporate houses have a complete in-house digital marketing department and there are complete hierarchical structures. Some have a department but outsource part of the work to agencies. They require managers to manage all aspects of the marketing campaign.
The actual nature and position depend upon the industry. In the manufacturing industry, the job profile may be low key, while in the advertising and marketing industry, the job is high profile and CMOs with digital marketing experience are preferred. The ad below is taken from LinkedIn where Domino”s Pizza is looking for someone with advanced digital skills to develop its user interface. How exciting can it get!!!

Image Credits: Screenshot from LinkedIn

In the table below are listed some of the high paying positions [Rs 800,000 and above per annum] for a career in digital marketing after 5 years of experience on an average.

Email Marketer Digital Marketing Manager
Inbound Marketing, Manager Display Advertising Specialist
SEO Specialist, Manager SEM (Search Engine Marketer)
SMM Specialist, Manager PPC Manager
Content writing, Manager Content writer
Conversion Rate Optimizer Digital Marketing Analyst
These categories also can have sub-categories according to business need and business model. But all these categories require professional level expertise.
The issue is that a lot of professionals do not understand what digital marketing will involve. This results in ads like these:

Image Credits: Screenshot of a job listing on

A professional with so many skills and 13 years of experience will never be available at the salary mentioned. Listings like these lead to perceptions that digital marketing jobs do not pay well.

Pay and Salary in Digital Marketing

Salary is the great propeller that motivates us to perform exceptionally and digital marketing is no exception. Every job position requires specific skills and every skill demands an expertise. As a beginner with no experience in this field, you can earn somewhere around 3 lakhs in the metropolitan area which is similar to the salary of engineers recruited by companies.

Image Credits: Screenshot of a job listing on

After a few years of experience, your salary rises and your promotion is faster because currently, there is a scarcity of digital marketers. Compared to other professionals, the salary rise is almost meteoric.

Image Credits: Screenshot of a job listing on
As a head of digital marketing, you can make about 35 to 50 lakhs per annum.
Image Credits: Screenshot of a job listing on
This amount is so much more than what most professionals make. One of the reasons digital marketing pays well is because the ROIs can easily be attributed rightly to marketing campaigns due to analytics. Due to this ability, some companies have a low salary but have included PLIs [performance linked incentives] in their operations.
A lot of professionals are changing careers or adding digital marketing skills to their profile. This is because the salary rises with the newly acquired skills.

Comparative pay scale for those who learn digital marketing 

The above graph was compiled using 3 years of data on Knowledge of digital marketing helps in career development. This is proved by the difference in salaries as compared with management students and MCA students. For immediate outreach to the professional market, sign up to DIGINEKT.
DIGINEKT is an online pool to bridge the gap between employers and employees in the field of Digital Marketing only.
It provides a platform where those in need with the expertise in the related field can interact with one another in order to get their best result in less possible time and effort. They can be anyone who has worked in the DM field, who are looking for job opportunities, working professionals, digital marketing interns, hiring companies etc.

No Technical or Professional Degrees Required

There is another myth surrounding digital marketing. Lots of people think that it’s suitable only for MBA and engineering professionals. This is untrue. The most important skill is English writing and comprehension because most of the current jobs uses English as the primary knowledge. Other than English, you need to have an average aptitude and attitude of constantly learning. Digital marketing is evolving regularly, so successful professionals will need to keep up with the changes.
This profession is ideal for liberal arts majors with good English & DBAs/MBAs from non-elite colleges where the best job option typically is sales. Apart from that, any professional, no matter their current position, will see a career boost if they are well-grounded in digital marketing.
Digital marketing encompasses many fields like content, analytics, paid search advertising, social interaction and so much more. There is a place for anyone with a lot of energy, inquisitiveness, and agility to work with full dedication. Holding an MBA or other degrees can help you in attaining an earlier identity in the market but here, your work speaks much louder than your academic qualifications. In the long run, it is your skill, your credibility of perfection only what will work for making all your wishes happen you have ever wished for.

How to Excel in This Career?

The position of digital marketing as a career is now similar to what an engineering degree was a few years ago. Plenty of students are opting for this career. A TOI article estimated that there is a scarcity of 1.6 lakh digital marketers in India. To take up digital marketing as a profession, some opt for courses, some learn on the job and some learn during in-house training. A student who has learned and practiced digital marketing with actual companies (American companies are preferred) take home the highest starting salaries. This is because if you have interned with an American company and have an internship certificate, you come across as a better digital marketer than your peers. Interning with American companies has two advantages-
  1. They are professional and specific about requirements, targets, and deadlines.
  2. Majority of digital marketing agencies in India cater to US clients. They value the experience and save on training costs, which they pass on in the salary.
When selecting a digital marketing training agency, ensure that you spend money on the agency that enables you to get the fastest ROI in terms of investment.
We hope this article will help you overcome your doubts and hesitations about job availability and future scope for making a promising career in the Digital Marketing field. India is turning out to be one of the largest outsourcing hubs in the field of Digital Marketing and this is only a beginning. Take charge of your life and Go Digital, as tremendous career opportunities are awaiting all Digital Marketing enthusiasts.
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