How to Leverage Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

How to leverage social media for small business

Small businesses have fewer margins for mistakes. One wrong step, and you are swept away from the competition. A general thinking is that small businesses, serving the needs of local customers, don’t actually require any social media exposure for promoting their products or services. This kind of perception is way too far from the truth, especially in the case of local businesses.

The fact is that around 80% of consumers are searching for their product or service requirements on their different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, G+, etc., and that 50% of these searches are for local products from local entities.

Local or small business owners also realize this and they have already started leveraging social media to help expand their local client base and build a more strong and loyalty-based long-lasting relationships with them.

7 Steps to Leverage Social Media for Small Businesses

Here is how you can rev up your social media efforts to take better advantage of the platforms: [This is a step-by-step approach, so when you start working on this, it'll be better to keep the sequences: always keep the sequence in mind.]

  • Target Your Preferred Consumers Identifying your target customers can save your precious time and resources. You'll need to find and target your potential consumers on the right platform. For example, target customers for kitchen utensils can be housewives who can be more likely to be found on Facebook than on Twitter.

  • Finalize Your Budget for the Same Allocating budget for your Marketing campaign on social media channels can optimize the cost effectiveness of your marketing activities. It will also ensure that every single penny of yours goes in the right direction, and for the right reason.

  • Choose Your Preferred Social Media Platforms Choose social media platforms according to your business type and a broad demography of your consumers, with whom you are trying to get socialized with. You can choose 2, 3 or more platforms if it's more suitable.

  • Plan Your Social Activities Well in Advance Define objectives and length of your social media campaign very clearly. Keep the start and end date of your campaign in alignment with the goals you want to achieve. Make use of tools like Hootsuite, Buffer to schedule contents for posting.

  • Keep Your Landing Page Consumer-Friendly Make sure you have a proper window that can be explored easily. You'd never want to make your new visitors imagining about where to go for finding things on your website. An easier and user friendly interface always grabs the attention of buyers.

  • Relate Your Business with Social Causes If you can somehow connect your marketing campaigns with social causes, you'd easily connect with your audience. Conduct free campaigns with social agenda, donate some part of your outcome in social activities for a better image of the company, and for the brand. Obviously, you should always share all your social efforts with your audience on social media.

  • Get Input from Your Customers Conduct quizzes, ask for suggestions, and give them regular feed about how your business works or other ideas to get views on how you can modify your products and services. Ultimately, they are the ones who will buy your products and services.

By following these steps, you can certainly and easily connect with your local audience and build a better brand reputation among them.

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