A new Boost Up for Digital Marketing - Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES)2017

A statement by Ivanka Trump gave a new boost to digital marketing. For those who don’t know much about Ivanka Trump, it is easy for them to ignore her statement which emphasizes more on growing security and economic partnership between INDIA & United States. Most of us know Ivanka as a daughter and an adviser to US President Donald Trump. But in reality Ivanka Trump is bigger than what most of us know.
How many people know that she is a real estate developer, reality star and founder of the Ivanka Trump Collection? She is a business leader and one of the heading representatives of GES. She inspires lots of women entrepreneurs.
Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi said that the innovative thinking power for the betterment of mankind is what sets entrepreneurs apart.
Now, if we are in an  economic partnership growth, then there are other requirements. The government felt this necessity earlier and started making India Digital. Both countries share commitment to encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation. Now back to GES this submit focuses on creating jobs, increasing productivity and improving the life quality for people everywhere.
In the submit four innovative industries has been set.
  • Healthcare and Life science
  • Digital Economy & Financial Technology
  • Energy and Infrastructure
  • Media and entertainment
Digital economy and financial technology now a day very common among all of us, we are in the era of internet. Today we are not liable to grow our economy, but also digital economy. We became part of this digital economy by using a different modes of technology. Experts’ calculated that more than 6 billion people around the world will own smartphone by 2020. The digital economy needs innovative skills to grow in the global market.
Digital marketing future, digital india
Thus market needs expert. The digital experts are most demanded person in the future and so is our economy. Did you know that the US outsources almost 60% of it’s digital marketing work to India. Contribute your bit to growing  our digital economy. You can learn digital marketing from the very best professionals both from the US and India at www.dmioa.com 
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Suprity Singh

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