How to Pursue a Successful Career in the Current Job Scenario

job scenario in India 2018
According to the latest report of International Labour Organisation (ILO), India could witness an unemployment rate of 3.5 percent in 2018-2019, a slight increase when compared to 3.4 percent which was projected earlier. The number of jobless people in India will increase to 18.6 million in 2018 and 18.9 million in 2019, against 18.3 million in 2017.
Following infographic shows the revised projection on Unemployability rate.
job scenario in India 2018
The above image shows that global joblessness is projected to be 0.3 less than the previous estimation for the year 2018 but on the contrary, it shows a worrisome picture of the job scenario in India, where unemployability is estimated to rise up to 3.5%, slightly more than 3.4% projected earlier.
Here are a few tips that will help you not to be scrambled when you hear such news of the current job scenario in India in 2018:

1. Don’t Panic

All research predictions do not necessarily be correct. It deviates sometimes positively and negatively both. Market changes with time and new options come out, for example- digital media, online payment gateway, E-Services, these have turned out to be dominating the new job era through digitalization supported by the world’s governments. India’s future jobs lie on digital channels.
More than 2.8 lakh jobs are coming in 2018 in the online marketing segment. Companies are emphatic on the digital availability and total business transparency with deep customer outreach.

2. Performance Matters

When we hear of low job availability, we often come under the fear of layoffs. But the layoff process depends majorly on merit and performance. Trust me, no company in this world intends to lose their meritorious, trustworthy manpower. Your invaluable contribution is like a free of cost GOODWILL for the company. In fact, they will pay whatever it takes to retain you in the organization.
“Engaged, enthusiastic, and loyal employees are pivotal drivers of growth and health in any organization.” - Patrick Lencioni

3. Enhance Your Knowledge

What makes you valuable as an employee?
In order to become special for your company, you have to learn consistently, earn new updated skills, and enhance your knowledge. And in this virtually interconnected and mutually interdependent business world, you have to have some additional qualifications so that you remain a relevant and preferred choice for the recruiters. Take up competitive skills; enroll in any industry-specific certification course.
Having online marketing traits will give you an extra edge over your competitors. You must have heard of inbound/outbound/pull/push marketing concepts, but a very few people know that digital marketing is one of the fastest growing job fields globally, it has a lot to add on extraordinary advantages to your job profile. There are multiple specialization traits in online marketing space for staying a blue-eyed boy in the present job market.
For further reference, here is the link.
Digital Marketing Institute of America is always one step ahead in ensuring that you are on the right path at the right time and effort.

4. Gain Experience

Having subjective knowledge will give you theoretical exposure only. A lot of institutions now have started focusing on experience quotient. You can gain work experience through part-time jobs, internships, freelancing, etc. Try to gain enough experience, join as an intern, get hands-on experience to be market ready and establish yourself easily in the industry.

5. Pursue Your Passion

Sometimes, it becomes hard to pursue what you're intuitive direct you at, for one reason or the other. But you can't be productive if you are not engaged in pursuing your passion or any extra activities. Everyday tasks become mundane after some time, your passion will help you let off steam and get some relief after grueling work.
Here is the conclusion you should strictly follow to combat the challenges.
Believe in yourself, be industry/product oriented, learn new skills, get certified, and improve your overall personality!
Hope this article was helpful to you and you gained some ground in this shaky digital world. Share your strategies when you faced a tough time in your job and let us know if you have any concern about career or jobs in the comments below.
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