A Beginner's Guide To Informed Decision Making on Social Media Platform Selection for Businesses

A Beginner's Guide To Informed Decision Making on Social Media Platform Selection for Businesses
Social media is not just another marketing channel. It constitutes a fundamental shift in the marketing ecology. There are different platforms and the behavior on each platform is significantly different in social media. To add to that, the platforms by themselves are evolving and consumers are in a constant change and they adapt their behavior according to every new change in technology. The science of identifying probable online customer networks, locating influences on those networks or platforms, and engaging them to talk about your brand and its solutions is social media.
Most of us know majorly about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc., but marketing professionals use different social media platforms for a different purpose.
Each platform targets a particular segment. Twitter and Facebook stand out for customer feedbacks. LinkedIn works best for B2B. YouTube is a search engine by itself and works well both for entertainment, food, and education. Pinterest works very well for businesses that have a pictorial element like landscaping, recipes, designs, and pictures. Instagram works very well for lifestyle, food, fashion, personalities and luxury brands. G+ is more formal. It's more about bonding. So, we use G+ for networking.
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These facts lead us towards a picture where social media is no more only posting images and videos. In 2018 you’ll see new experiments on social media like how Gen Z lead social media, instead of video uploading how live streaming videos take place, what new innovative posting techniques comes out, the rise of new social media platform etc. Now it’s you who can create a new trend or adapt someone else’s’ trend. You can learn more about social media trends in our blog How to create social media post

Social Media Tools

Now you know about various social media platforms and might be wondering how to manage them. Here is the solution for your problem. What exactly you need is a social media monitoring tool that can manage your business social media platforms and save your time. Here are a few basic features to support why to use these tools.
  • These tools allow you to connect multiple profiles, and handle them.
  • You can create all your content in one go and schedule it in a week or month.
  • Will help you in measuring the results of your campaign and show facts of your audience engaged with suggestions to improve them.
  • It's important to increase the size of your follower base and these tools help in identifying followers and influences.
  • And the most interesting part is these tools come with a month or less trial period. You just need to sign up and take advantage before you pay for it.
There are definitely a number of options out there, it's just knowing which one meets your needs and your marketing budget is important.
  1. HootSuite
HootSuite allows us to manage a weekly report and also has an excellent team management facility (delegating tasks, sending private messages). It is very useful when there’s more than one person handling the social media.
  1. Social Mention
Social Mention monitors over hundreds of social media sites and monitors analyses data in more depth and measures influence with 4 categories: Strength, Sentiment, Passion, and Reach. It also displays top keywords, hashtags, and sites. But it doesn’t continuously monitor your terms, If you need an update, you’ll have to start a new search.
  1. Klout
Klout monitoring tool allows you to adjust your post according to your target audience’s interest and increases for engagement rate. Its score ranges from 1 to 100, the high score reflects higher social influences.
  1.  Buzzsumo
The core BuzzSumo functionality is the ability to turn up the most shared content on any topic you choose. Buzzsumo paid version has the ability to find influential players in just about any topic or industry.
Sprout Social, Brand 24, Talkwalker, Keyhole are also good tools to give a try.
Even there are many more tools specialized in handling a specific social media like:
  • Tweetdeck: A cool tool to watch what is going on on Twitter.
  • Picdeck: Same as Tweetdeck but for Instagram.
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Your social media is about the brand perception of your company.
In summary, social media marketing is specific to social platforms. Hence use social media extensively so that you get customers to review your products and services and to share information about your brand. Companies need to be proactively involved in social media to run in the black. Do not ignore this, be there where your customers are.
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