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top digital marketing blogs
Digital marketing is evolving every day with changes in technology, trends, guidelines, etc., and majorly affected by the changing policies and algorithms of Google and Facebook. If you are not updated with these changes, you are at risk of falling. What happens when you search on the internet or find your inbox flooded with lots of materials and links to read? You might prefer to choose top digital marketing blogs from sites like MOZ, Social Media Examiner, HubSpot, Copy-blogger, Search Engine Journal and more.
This blog is with a twist. We will talk about the blogs that provide useful information on how to create unique digital marketing strategies and improve your digital marketing skills, but with a different element in their presentation. Keep reading to find out quality, engaging, well-designed, easy-to-read, and relevant digital marketing blogs.

1. Convince and Convert

(Learn how to create social media and content marketing strategies)
As the name suggests, Convince and Convert covers a range of digital marketing aspects from Search Engine Optimization to site visiting, from convincing to conversion, with a predictable approach. Under Jay Baer, they provide advisory services in the market with various content resources such as websites, blogs, podcasts, books, and e-books, etc., for getting deeper marketing insights and better predictability of online consumer behavior.
Their content tallies to the reader's expectations with a precise solution. They keep note of new and upcoming marketing trends and give live examples on their digital marketing blogs which make their blogs more relevant and resourceful.

2. Unmarketing

(Unbox unique digital marketing ideas)
No method can be the rule unless it works and no rule can remain rule unless it is workable in constantly changing real-life scenarios. Digital marketing follows this principle very strictly.
It is detrimental to ignore the fact and Unmarketing works on this principle. If you read their site content, you will find offbeat digital marketing solutions or strategies to get to the heart and mind of viewers/buyers/readers in the true sense of the market and its king - the “Audience.”

3. Blind Five Year Old

(Improve SEO and digital marketing skills)
Opposed to the name, “Blind Five Year Old,” they have very piercing eyes and their blogs go deep into the online marketing topics like SEO, PPC, SERPs, and others. Their digital marketing blogs equip you with valuable inputs with impressive images and other visual illustrations.

4. Monetate

(Learn about E-commerce strategies)
Monetate focuses on one of the most important success parameters “Marketing Personalization.” It suggests for the interactive personalization tips and ways to measure the effectiveness of the working tools including current and future marketing challenges and the ways to cope up with them, for full proof marketing success and business goal realization through increased ROIs.

5. HelpScout

(Improve customer satisfaction and experience)
In any field of business, one very common thing is “Customer Satisfaction” that is supreme in your niche of marketing endeavor. After reading HelpScout’s blogs, you will have the idea and expertise of better user experience through different unique and in-reaching means.
Their blogs will help you identify your audience, understand them, and communicate with them in a way that helps in achieving highest possible satisfaction and thereby success for your business and your brand in this highly competitive online marketing arena.

6. Duct Tape Marketing

(A guide to small business marketing)
Duct Tape Marketing specializes in digital marketing for small business entities and helps them with its pioneering ideas to grow with a light budget and limitless opportunities of local or small business influences. Bigger brands prefer its ideas too to thrive in the technically volatile marketing world.

7. Blue Foundation Media

(Learn to create digital marketing strategies to improve your brand)
Blue Foundation Media works as an online marketing strategist and website developer. It worked for the clients like Procter & Gamble, Nike Inc, Canon, HarperCollins Publishers, and NASA. It focuses on understanding user behaviour, website ranking in terms of site viewership, individual page performance and bounce rate, and offers blogs on these digital marketing topics, focusing on the latest updates or technological advancements in the digital marketing world.

8. Social Fresh

(Improve social media marketing skills)
Social Fresh specializes in social media platforms and its marketing game and spreads awareness with ideological conferences, articles, podcasts, research, and courses. If someone has put social marketing into their strategic marketing plan, Social Fresh can be of great significance. Digital marketing has got a complete makeover in the leading mobile marketing age, and social media has been at the core of it. Before stepping ahead, taking a look at this site is worth considering.
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