Advanced Elements of Paid Advertising in Digital Marketing

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As competition is increasing in digital marketing, paid advertising for instant results is becoming more and more popular. And it’s not only advertising on search engines. According to eMarketer estimates, this year, mobile search will make up 75.9% of total search ad spending in the US, a 5.9% increase from 2016. It’s about reaching out to those who have showed some interest in your products, about connecting with them on other platforms particularly social media. At any given time paid digital marketing is still cheaper than traditional marketing. The reach is also more targeted.

About the Course

What you will learn

This course is about advanced paid advertising techniques, retargeting and social media advertising. While it’s easy to run an Adwords campaign because of its intuitive interface, running campaigns optimized for cost and effectiveness requires a higher level of expertise.

By the end of this course, you will learn:

  • About mobile consumers and mobile advertising.
  • How to target consumers on social media, particularly Facebook.
  • How to advertise on Facebook by targeting the right audience.
  • How to retarget the consumer that you lost on your website.
  • How to use data reports to improve your performance factors.

Course Highlights

  • Google Adwords Professional Certification Training
  • Bing Ads Master Certification Training
  • Facebook Ads Certification Training
  • Access to paid retargeting software
  • Course based on practical insights
  • Access to master accounts and insights into how it works.

Course Overview

    • Mobile paid advertising on Adwords
    • How to create campaigns based on data analysis
    • Creating retargeted campaigns with Adroll
    • Creating campaigns on Facebook
    • Using LinkedIn for B2B advertising


Q. Who is this course for?

A. This course is for anyone who wants to make paid search advertising their career.

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