Voice Search - The SEO Game Changer

January 24, 2018

The voice search facility is one of the trending technique used by people on internet. We are in an era where voice and machine communicate with each other. Voice search is the new trend and experts are here to hep you analyze factors that will affect voice search and role it plays in digital marketing.

Voice search continues to rise in popularity.  Why???

Ø  Save time - Humans can speak faster than typing 

Ø  Ease of pronunciation rather than keyword pressing

Ø  While driving most of people feels convenient to use voice searches


 This Webinar will help you:

  •   Track movement of customer interest: New trends in digital marketing
  •   Know how to target customer through voice search 
  •   Know how to rank in voice searches at # 1
  •   Strategies to follow for voice search optimization
  •   How to keep your business competitive?

Webinar Date and Timing: 

Date :   Wed 24th Jan, 2018.

Timing: 3:30 pm to 4:00 pm

How to participate in the webinar:

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DMIOA webinars are very knowledge based and have helped in clarifying many doubts that I have. I am new in digital marketing and have plenty of questions. These webinars give me a platform to ask those questions.


Anku Shreya



Sangeeta Kumar

VP Training- DMIOA . Sangeeta has over 13 years experience in IT and digital marketing and she has effectively served a vast range of clientele with her modular approach to marketing. She is a trainer and speaker from an early age, she talks about digital marketing in top-notch companies.

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