1. What is the difference between a DMIOA certification and a course?

In a course, you watch the videos and gain knowledge. The courses are free: you do not pay for it. In a certification, you have two advantages.

  • You get to work as an intern in a company or a business and gain actual experience that you can put on your resume.
  • You also have access to exclusive hands-on assignments that you can actually practice on.

Courses are open for everyone. We screen certification applicants because they have to undergo an internship with some company. We arrange for those internships and those companies require a certain standard.

2. How do you screen candidates for certifications?

When you choose the certification option on the registration form before you pay for the certifications, and when you click on the submit button, there is a test option. We test in English language and Aptitude. You can take the mock test to get a feel before giving the actual test.

3. What is the difference between online tutorials and classroom tutorials?

Technically, there is a very slight difference. Video tutorials and webinars are accessible to both categories of candidates. In classroom tutorials, your doubts are resolved instantly because you have a faculty walking you through the online video classes. Online tutorials are self-study and doubts may be resolved through the weekly seminar or through emails.

4. What are your classroom locations?

All classes are held online.

5. How valuable is an MBA if I am looking to get into a Digital Marketing career?

If you are doing an MBA (marketing), it is useful because at the end of the day, digital marketing is a form of marketing. So MBAs do not experience the learning curve. That said, an MBA does not make a better marketer. The best marketer is one who understands the audience, empathizes with their problems and puts out a solution in an attractive and popular manner. That can be anyone with a talent.

6. I want to work in digital marketing. Where do I start?

To learn digital marketing, you should start with the basics. Many marketers think that running online campaigns on various platforms is digital marketing. It’s not. Marketing, to be successful in the long run, needs a holistic view. It’s needs strategy and plan. The Digital Marketing Fundamentals Course by Digital Marketing Institute of America is one of the best resources to learn digital marketing fundamentals as it is practiced in the industry.

7. Do I need to know coding to be a successful Digital Marketer? [Professional Advice]

No, you need to know marketing to become a digital marketer! That said, it helps to know what code is required, not how to code. That is the job of the developer.

8. How to get a job in digital marketing?

The best way to get a job in digital marketing is to work as an intern at a company and perform well so that they can hire you. In the beginning, you might make mistakes but with the help of your seniors and by following their instructions, you will be able to enhance your skills. Gradually, as the team gains confidence, you will be allowed to handle projects on your own. In digital marketing, analyzing the impact of your actions is very important. For instance, if you are given a job to post a comment on Facebook everyday without any specific instructions, make it your job to post to maximize the impact. Experiment with timings during the day, tagging and other techniques. Read a lot of blogs.

9. I am looking to get an entry level position in Digital Marketing, any advice?

One of the best ways to do that is to identify companies that take freshers in digital marketing and train them. Once you are in, volunteer for lots of jobs because this is a learning experience. Gain the skill sets, identify your areas of interest and then move on. If the company you are working in specializes in the area of your interest, you should let your boss know that you are interested in working or specializing in the channel. You have to show the passion.

10. How to get a digital marketing internship with no experience?

Join a course that offers internship as a part of their course. There are very few courses that offer internship as a part of their program because it requires hand-holding and training. Identify the courses that do and get the requisite experience. Having internship experience shows that you are trained and you can start at a higher salary.

11. Being a freelancer, what are the earning options in digital marketing?

There are a number of freelance digital marketing opportunities you can avail depending on your skills and experience. You can find freelance projects on websites like freelancer.com, Fiverr, odesk, etc.

12. Is it possible for a homemaker to create a career in digital marketing?

Digital marketing can be the perfect career option for homemakers as they can work as a freelancer at their time convenience and can easily learn digital marketing.

13. Is it necessary to have the knowledge of website designing or website development for digital marketing? If not, how?

No, it is not necessary to have the knowledge of website development or designing for digital marketing. You need to have the knowledge to understand and analyze the website, increase its visibility and traffic. Basic knowledge of CSS and HTML will be an added advantage

14. How can I convert my passion into a career with the help of digital marketing?

If you are comfortable with the digital technology, you can use this to your advantage and learn digital marketing as it is an ever-evolving field and you can make a rewarding career in this field.

15. Is digital marketing related to networking business?

Digital marketing is a way to promote products or services through digital media like website, emails, or social media platforms. However, in the networking business, products or services are promoted or sold through a network of people.

16. Do I have options for an internship in digital marketing from my home city or home?

Yes, you have options to do an internship online from your home. Our online digital marketing course offers an internship which is included in the course.

17. What is a virtual internship in digital marketing?

Working from your home or any place of your convenience where you do not need to go to the workplace is a virtual internship.

18. What is going to be the pay package after getting certified in digital marketing?

The pay package will depend on your skills and experience, type, size and location of the organization. The salary can range from 1.5 Lacs PA to 30 Lacs PA.

19. What are the various positions or posts that a person can work as a digital market

  • Social Media specialist
  • Email Marketing Executive
  • Content Marketing Manager
  • Content Writer/Blogger
  • Analytics Specialist/ Web Analyser
  • Facebook Ad Manager/Campaign Manager
  • Search Engine Optimizer
  • SEO Specialists/ Manager
  • Mobile Marketing Specialist/Manager
  • PPC Specialists
  • Reputation Management/ Manager
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