Internship Opportunities

At DMIOA for certification courses we ensure that 40% of your course material is based on actual experience with a real company and the best part of internships are that, when you work well, you have a job offer on hand!!

With so much of experience, it’s no surprise that our interns are in high demand everywhere!

A real internship where you are handling and working on projects will help you understand what you have learned and it gives you experience that works itself in your body language. Working at a company, either online or offline makes you smarter.

These internships look awfully good on your resume and are a good conversation point in interviews.

Internships are mostly online, but yes, they may be at location too.

Online, part time internships are helpful for those who are studying or have jobs alongside the certification course.

Some internships are paid, some are free. It depends upon the company that requires your services. Some companies may take you as a free candidate and pay you a stipend if they are happy with your performance.

Generally companies that want you to work on location, at an office, will pay you a stipend.

During internships arranged by DMIOA you will have access to a mentor faculty. You can ask questions and resolve digital marketing issues and problems, the mentor faculty will help you. This hand–holding is designed to instill confidence in yourself.

Willing to work on location:

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ONLY DMIOA students are eligible for internships. If you are not enrolled in a DMIOA certification program please do not apply.

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