Advanced Search Optimization

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Advanced search optimization is simply more than SEO. It is about behavior, design interface, conversions and technology. Optimization has changed a lot and is now very dependent on technology. How can you program your site or how can you use your software for an authoritative impact on search engines? What are the little tweaks and techniques that will get me listed prominently?

About the Course

What you will learn

This course has lessons on social, technical, mobile and app optimization for increasing traffic to the website. While the previous course covers basic factors of optimization, application of this course will enhance the performance of your website . You will also learn about international SEO.

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Use sitemaps smartly to index all pages on your website.
  • Optimize videos for search.
  • Optimize image for rendering and search.
  • Understand how content plays a deep role in ranking and authority.
  • Create optimized content in your profiles.
  • Apply international SEO techniques.
  • Optimize your blog

Course Highlights

  • Audit and checklist formats for video and images.
  • Work on actual projects and high end software to understand advanced optimization.
  • Understand how content matters in SEO and how Google maps content to your website.
  • Classes available in both classroom and online format.

Course Overview

    • Mobile optimization
    • App optimization
    • In depth image optimization
    • Video optimization techniques
    • International SEO
    • SEO issues in ecommerce websites
    • Blog optimization


Q. Is advanced SEO technical?

A. A small part of advanced SEO requires technical knowledge but we’ve got you covered. We will explain everything in such a way that you can understand and implement the steps by yourselves.

Q. Will I get to practice on actual websites?

A. We will put actual websites on a dummy server that you can access and make changes to.

Q. Will there be assignments and quizzes?

A. Yes, there will be plenty of assignments and quizzes.

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