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In digital marketing content plays a major role. You may have heard the term, ‘content is king’. This is because businesses use content to attract prospects, increase and improve their business leads and customers. Content is so hyped that you see and hear about it everywhere. There are all kinds of content - text, audios, visuals and videos in so many forms – website content, articles, blogs, infographics, graffiti, social media posts, status updates and more! In fact every second over 50,000 pieces of content are published on the internet..

About the Course

What you will learn

Content marketing is a scientific way to ideate, create, publish and promote your content. Just creating content is not good enough. The right people have to read and react to content.

By the end of this course, you will learn:

  • How to capture content ideas.
  • About the relationship between content and audience.
  • About mapping content in the marketing funnel.
  • How to promote your content.
  • How to analyze the performance of your content.

Course Highlights

  • Actual content marketing case studies.
  • Real time opportunities to create content and measure their impact in marketing terms.
  • Introduction to content marketing tools.
  • How to work and create a content marketing team.

Course Overview

    • Content ideation and objective
    • Content mapping to marketing funnels
    • Content creation
    • Content publication
    • Content promotion
    • Impact measurement


Q. Will I get a job after this course?

A. This course is a part of a certification. It helps you understand the content marketing process. While that may help you get a job, we recommend that you do the certification course if your are serious about a career in content marketing.

Q. Do I need English as a major subject to learn content marketing?

A. This is a tricky question. Our content marketing course teaches us the concept of maximizing the impact of content on marketing. Language does not matter for this course. That said, since most content marketing jobs are in English, you should be able to write grammatically correct English and express yourself well. Realistically, most content marketers double up as content writers, especially if the business you are working for is small.

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